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Misaligned wheels have a negative impact on the longevity of car tyres and can take a toll on the overall handling experience. Moreover, it can jeopardise your safety while you’re driving. Hence, it’s essential to opt for wheel alignment Evesham from a reliable facility like us – Vale Tyre Exhaust & Service Centre.

What is wheel alignment?

Alignment is a standard car maintenance procedure that involves adjusting the wheel angles as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

In case you’re noticing any signs of a faulty wheel alignment, you must make sure to visit us to address the issue immediately.

Common signs of improper wheel alignment

Here are some symptoms of faulty wheel alignment. Opt for accurate wheel alignment Evesham if you detect these issues.

Car veers to one side

When driving on a straight, level road, does your car drift to one side? If you have to apply a little pressure on the steering wheel to keep your vehicle moving straight, there’s a high chance that your car’s wheels are not aligned correctly. Not addressing this issue at the earliest can put your safety at risk. Hence, you must drive down to our trustworthy wheel alignment garage Evesham for a reliable solution.

Steering wheel vibrations

A “loose” steering wheel can compromise your safety as it can delay the response time while taking a turn. If you notice that your car’s wheels barely move when you turn the steering wheel, it’s an indication of faulty wheel alignment.

An off-centre steering wheel

After completing a turn, a vehicle’s steering wheel should come back to its general straight position. However, if it doesn’t centre back, your car’s wheels might be misaligned.

Uneven tyre wear

Carry out a thorough visual inspection of your car tyres from time to time. In case one or more of them appear to have odd wear and tear, opt for wheel alignment checks.

Squealing tyres

If the camber or toe angles are not adjusted as per the manufacturer’s specifications, your car tyres can make all kinds of strange noises, particularly when you accelerate or apply the brakes.

In case you detect any of the issues mentioned above, come over to Vale Tyre Exhaust & Service Centre for the most accurate wheel alignment Evesham.

Our certified technicians will adjust these three angles to make sure that your car wheels are aligned correctly:


This is the angle of the wheels when you take a look at them from the front side of the vehicle. If the top of the front wheels tilts away from the centre of the chassis, it is known as positive camber. However, if they tilt towards the centre of the car, it is known as negative camber.


The caster angle refers to the forward or backward slope of a vehicle’s steering axis when you observe it from the side of your car. In case the steering axis tilts towards the front side of the car, it is known as negative caster. However, in case the case of positive caster, the steering axis will lean towards your car’s rear side.


This refers to the angle of the wheels from a bird’s-eye view. In the case of toe-out, the front of a wheel points away from a car’s centreline. However, if they tilt towards the centreline of a car, it’s known as toe-in or positive toe.

Benefits of wheel alignment

Here are some advantages of opting for wheel alignment Evesham from us:

  • Improves the lifespan of your car tyres
  • Reduces wear and tear of suspension components and steering column
  • Increases your car’s fuel efficiency
  • Ensures a better handling performance

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