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Are you looking for Battery Services for your vehicle?


Maintaining a perfectly functioning battery is of fundamental importance. It makes sure your car starts without any lag and the headlights, radio, power windows, etc., work properly.

Come to Vale Tyre Exhaust & Service Centre for affordable car battery Evesham. Our expert technicians conduct a series of inspections to determine the condition of your vehicle’s battery. We always provide honest advice and offer OE-grade spares depending on the car make and model.

Under normal circumstances, a car battery lasts between three and five years. But factors as climatic conditions, electric devices used in the car, and certain driving habits can influence a battery’s lifespan. Experts recommend regular checks once the battery crosses the three-year mark.

Causes of weakened or damaged batteries

  • Headlights or interior lights left on for a long time
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Corroded battery connections
  • Frequent short drives
  • Faulty charging system, etc.
  • Parasitic drain in the electrical system (when the electrical system continues to draw energy from the battery even after the car is entirely turned off)

Signs of a faulty car battery

Imagine you want to leave your home quickly in the morning as you are already late and the car simply doesn’t start, or your car stops in the middle of nowhere due to a faulty battery.

Luckily, nightmare scenarios like these can be avoided. Batteries often give out a few indications before giving up completely.

Discussed below are the five symptoms that you should look out for and avail car battery replacement Evesham from us.

Dim headlights

If you notice dimmer and weaker headlights than usual, take note and go for a professional battery check.

Clicking noise while turning the key

Once you turn the key into the ignition, the car battery supplies current to the starter solenoid. A failing battery is hardly able to perform this task and generates a clicking sound. Remember, jumpstarting can only resolve the problem temporarily. It’s better to opt for a car battery Evesham check at our garage.

Slow crank

Is the car engine cranking sluggishly when you turn the key? It is probably time to replace the battery.


Another major sign of dying car battery replacement Evesham is intermittent sparks. These can accumulate fuel in the cylinders. Consequently, this built-up fuel ignites with increased force when you start the motor and may cause backfiring.

A bloated battery case or a smell of rotten eggs, are also serious signs of a damaged battery.

Don’t ignore these red flags!

Instead of wasting your time looking online for “battery repairing services near me”, or Car battery Evesham, visit Vale Tyre Exhaust & Service Centre and get your car battery problems solved.

Our team performs proper checks and recommends a replacement only if absolutely necessary.

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