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The right set of tyres is extremely important for your car’s handling performance and on-road safety. Correct tyre size contributes to optimum handling, grip, fuel economy and cornering abilities. Before purchasing new tyres, you should know and understand the correct tyre size of your car.

When you buy car tyres Evesham at our Vale Tyre Exhaust & Service Centre, our experts will first check the tyre size of your vehicle. Then they will provide the necessary assistance to help you choose the right tyres for your car.

What is tyre size?

Tyre size refers to an alphanumeric code consisting of vital information about a model. You can usually find this code embossed on the sidewall of the tyres.

Let us take an example to understand this better: 195/55 R16 87V

Tyre width

The first three numbers represent the width of the tyre. It is measured in millimetres.

Profile or Aspect ratio

The following two digits denote the aspect ratio of the tyre. Aspect ratio is the height from the base of the tyre to the rim. In this particular example, the tyre height is 55% of the tyre width.

Tyre construction

Every tyre comes with a particular type of construction. Here, ‘R’ denotes the tyre in question is of radial construction.

Rim diameter

The next parameter is the rim diameter which is measured in inches. The digit 16 signifies the tyre in question has a rim diameter of 16 inches.

Load capacity

Next number in the series, 87, indicates the maximum load that a tyre can withstand. ‘87’ denotes that this tyre has the capacity of enduring a maximum load of 545 kg when driven at optimal speed.

Speed index

The final segment of the tyre size signifies the speed index. It shows the maximum speed at which a tyre can run with its optimum load. Here, ‘V’ means the tyre has a speed capacity of 149 mph.

With this information, you can now easily decode and understand the tyre size of your vehicle. And our friendly team is always available to help you out as well.

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