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Are you looking for Performance Tyres for your vehicle?


Performance tyres are specifically designed for high-performance cars and prestige cars, offering unmatched vehicle control and manoeuvrability even at high speeds. They are manufactured with an advanced premium rubber compound which is not just durable but also offers a noiseless driving experience.

Vale Tyre Exhaust & Service Centre is a reliable retailer of quality performance tyres Evesham. We are offering many car-related products and services at affordable prices.

We also stock an extensive collection of performance tyres in every price category (premium, mid-range and budget).

You can buy performance tyres Evesham online via our website. Simply type your vehicle’s registration number into our online tyre finder tool to browse through tyres based on your car’s specifications.

Else, you can certainly also come directly to us at Unit 5, Millennium Way, Vale Link, Vale Park, Evesham WR11 1GL, to end all your tyre near me searches. Our experts will help you pick out the right tyres based on your needs and budget.

Prominent features of performance tyres

Here are a few unique features of performance tyres. Take a look at them before you buy.

Reduced tyre wear

Advanced groove design and unique rubber compounds offer enhanced resistance against overheating and prevent excessive tyre wear. This ensures an extended tyre service life and reduces blowout risks.

Tread pattern

A uniquely designed tread pattern is suitable for both dry and wet performance. Moreover, these tyres offer improved protection against hydroplaning risks by effectively evacuating water from the tread surface.


Performance tyres also come with wider shoulder blocks that optimise grip and traction, ensuring handling safety, especially at high speeds.

Excellent handling control

These tyres feature a unique tread design to facilitate excellent vehicle control and manoeuvrability at high speeds.

Steering ability

Robust sidewalls and a large central strip maintain optimal load-bearing ability and structural integrity. This helps these tyres to offer improved steering precision.

Popular brands of performance tyres Evesham available with us

  • Michelin
  • Goodyear
  • Pirelli
  • Continental
  • Dunlop
  • Churchill
  • Nexen, and more.

To know more about our performance tyres Evesham or to schedule an appointment with us, please call us on 01386 761550.

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