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Are you looking for Suspension for your vehicle?


To ensure optimum on-road handling performance and a bump-free driving experience, your car’s suspension system needs to be in good shape. Any fault in the suspension system will reduce steering control and overall manoeuvrability. Besides leading to driving discomfort, it might also cause accelerated tyre wear and misaligned wheels.

If you want to avoid expensive repair bills due to a faulty suspension system, opt for car suspension repair Evesham from us at Vale Tyre Exhaust & Service Centre. We offer a thorough check at very reasonable rates.

We are a professional garage and have been offering quality services to our clients for several years. Our facility has the latest equipment along with an experienced team to offer prompt and efficient services at the market-best rates.

We also have OE-grade spares if you need car suspension repair Evesham.

Why does a car suspension system get damaged?

Your car’s suspension is vulnerable to damages in various conditions. They are:

  • Incorrect tyre pressure
  • Driving over speed bumps and through potholes at higher speeds
  • Damaged control arms, etc.
  • Damaged and dented car wheels
  • Poor tyre condition
  • Driving on misaligned wheels

Common signs of suspension damage

A damaged suspension system gives out several warning signs. Keep an eye on them, and if you detect any of these signs, head straight to our garage for car suspension repair Evesham.

  • Oily and greasy shock absorbers
  • Increased difficulty to maintain stability while driving on a straight road
  • Reduced driving comfort
  • One side of the vehicle sits on a lower plane than the others
  • Accelerated and uneven tyre wear
  • Slower acceleration rate
  • Reduced cornering precision
  • Car nosedives forward whenever you apply the brakes, etc.

Suspension components – What we check

Shock absorbers and struts

Our car suspension repairs will also include a thorough inspection of the shock absorbers Evesham. These are essential for optimum driving comfort and help maintain vehicle stability while going over uneven terrains, potholes, or speed bumps.


Springs contract or expand to dampen upward or downward motion while driving over rugged surfaces or potholes. They are susceptible to rust and oxidation, thereby compromising car control and handling considerably.


Linkages are rods that facilitate proper wheel revolution for steering control and manoeuvrability in various surface conditions.

Bearings, bushings and joints

These components help join the linkage rods and create enough space for them to twist and slide for optimal steering precision and driving comfort.

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