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Buying motorcycle tyres can be less troublesome if you take into consideration your vehicle type, driving habit and the terrain you usually drive on. Not only that weather plays a crucial part in determining the right set of motorcycle tyres Evesham.

Therefore, whether you ride classic bikes, scooters, mopeds, cruisers and sportbikes, and want a set of right units for them, Vale Tyre, Exhaust and Service Centre can provide an enormous collection of motorcycle tyres suitable for your vehicle.

Things to consider before buying motorcycle tyres

Before venturing out to buy motorcycle tyres Evesham, you must keep in mind certain things to ensure maximum safety and riding performance of your vehicle. Some of these are,

Tyre width

Every tyre comes with an alphanumeric code which may baffle an untrained eye but holds high importance to deliver riders with vehicle-specific information. One of the important factors that every rider should look into a tyre is its tyre width. The first numbers inscribed on the tyre’s exterior denote tyre width usually measured in millimetres. It is recommended to stick to the manufacturer specification as wider tyre than the required size can hit motorcycle components including swing arm or chain-set etc.

Load index and speed rating

As per the manufacturer-specific guideline, you must inspect the load-carrying capacity and speed index of motorcycle tyres and buy units accordingly.

Tread and tread design

Tyres with larger blocks and grooves provide excellent traction on mud or in the moist and resist against hydroplaning. Also, different tread compounds provide different tractive powers.

If you are looking to upgrade your driving experience, select from the wide range of tyres from the leading brands like Michelin, Continental, Dunlop etc. For more details regarding motorcycle tyres Evesham, please visit Vale Tyre, Exhaust and Service Centre today!

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