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Puncture Repairs

Here at Vale Tyre Centre, we cater for all your tyre needs.

Is your tyre losing pressure? Can it be repaired? Is it safe?

All these factors have to be taken into account, common reasons for a flat tyre or a tyre losing pressure are:-

  1. A nail, screw, thorn or sharp object has caused a puncture.
  2. Build up of corrosion on the wheel rim.
  3. Leaking valve or TPMS sensor.

If the puncture is in the middle of the main tread area then it will usually be ok to be repaired.

The British Safety Guidelines BSAU159 states that punctures within the central 3/4 of the main tread area are deemed to be safe to repair.

If a puncture is located outside these areas, near the edge or on the sidewall then unfortunately it cannot be repaired and the tyre will need to be replaced. 

The size of the puncture also has to be assessed as well as the condition, tread depth of the tyre and whether it has been damaged if driven on when flat.

Runflat tyres - are specialist tyres with reinforced sidewalls, meaning in the event of a puncture/losing pressure they ensure a driver can carry on driving until they get to a repair centre.

Whilst they do have safety benefits, we have to be more cautious when assessing when a Runflat tyre can be repaired.

We will only ever repair a punctured tyre if we know it is safe to do so. 

Replacing a tyre that has been damaged to a puncture can be frustrating but safety has to be our main priority.

Lawnmower, wheel barrow, quad, caravan and car trailer tyre punctures are all catered for too.

If you need any further advice on any type of puncture repair please don't hesitate to contact us 01386 761550.

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